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University Council : The executive management facilitates the tasks of the university and provide all management services and
secretarial work for everything related to the work of the Board and in accordance with the system board with all the instructions issued by senior management. Linked directly linked to the Secretary of the University Council, which is appointed to this position by the Minister of Higher Education (Chairman of the Board) on the nomination of the Board for one of its members to assume office as the Secretary of the Board.

Functions and responsibilities :
* Receive topics to be presented to the Council after fulfilling full credentials and make sure they conform to the rules and regulations.

* Offer preparation of notes on the Council and in accordance with the nature of each topic.

* Preparing agendas for meetings.

* Invited to the members of the Council and inform the relevant authorities of the date of the meeting.

* Prepare the minutes of the meetings and completed the signing of members in preparation for submission to the Minister of Higher Education for approval.

* Inform the decisions of the Council after approval and follow-up application.

* Lifting financial receivables for the members of the Council.

* Archive records and all topics that have been presented to the Council, to refer to them when needed.

* Prepare decisions Rector issued for certain transactions authorized by the Council of the university, such as the decisions of appointments to jobs Academy (Instructor, Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor), as well as the decisions of the scholarship and training employees of the university, and also decisions granting additional opportunities and re-enrollment.​