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1. Supervising the development of the general policies and regulations that control financial and administrative affairs at University, its follow-up, and its implementation according to the standard procedures.
2. Supervising the establishment of annual administrative and financial operational plans, following up their implementation, and evaluating their effectiveness, taking all necessary measures in this regard.
3. Supervising all financial matters and supplying the University departments with their needs such as materials, equipment, machinery, and tools and following procedures, specifications, and standards that guarantee the best bids as to quality, price, speed of delivery, and maintenance.
4. Maintaining University assets and property, maintaining on the inventories in all the University stores, finding the optimum method to store the equipment according to its condition, type, and nature, and guaranteeing its safety, in addition to applying all regulations and procedures to ensure inventory control.
5. Supervising all administrative units that offer supporting services and guiding their services and activities to ensure the best outcome of the university’s potential.
6. Supervising the implementation of all decisions, rules, and regulations that control financial and administrative affairs in the University.
7. Supervising annual budget preparation in accordance with the objectives of the five-year plan, and the regulations, data and principles related thereto.
8. Supervising all security and safety measures at all sites of the University campus, in addition to the University property, facilities, buildings, and individuals, using all required measures and whatever might be needed to organize the traffic on all University campuses, including identifying the necessary manpower needed for such purposes.
9. Supervising the traffic and transport at the University and the demands by the various directorates and colleges, coordinating among them, assigning the necessary vehicles for trips, administering the receipt and delivery of vehicles as demanded, providing the maintenance needed, and ensuring the availability of that which is needed to guarantee their good operation.
10. Supervising the annual inventory check of the University warehouses, University budget, and loans, and forming the necessary committees for this. Then, organizing a report that states the results of such a check and giving opinions on the standard of performance in all University warehouses.
11. Communicating directly with the ministries, governmental institutions, and the like about all subjects within to his jurisdiction, provided that the officials are of equal or similar rank.
12. Initiating and monitoring periodical evaluation reports about the plans and programs of administrative and financial affairs, and delivering them to the President of the University according to the standard procedures.
13. Performing the professional tasks delegated by his Excellency, the President of the University.